ltdconveyor.keeper.register_build(host, keeper_token, product, git_refs, dirnames=None)

Register a new build for a product on LSST the Docs.

Wraps the POST /products/{product}/builds/ v2 API endpoint.

host : str

Hostname of LTD Keeper API server.

keeper_token : str

Auth token (ltdconveyor.keeper.get_keeper_token).

product : str

Name of the product in the LTD Keeper service.

git_refs : list of str

List of Git refs that correspond to the version of the build. Git refs can be tags or branches.

dirnames : list of str

A list of relative directory names in the site. Each directory will get its own presigned POST URL in the response from the LTD Keeper API.

build_info : dict

LTD Keeper build resource.


Raised if there is an error communicating with the LTD Keeper API.