API reference

ltdconveyor Package


ConveyorError Generic base exception class for ltdconveyor.

ltdconveyor.fastly Module

Management of Fastly CDN caching.

See https://docs.fastly.com/api for background.


purge_key(surrogate_key, service_id, api_key) Instant purge URLs with a given surrogate key from the Fastly caches.


FastlyError Error related to Fastly API usage.

ltdconveyor.keeper Package

ltdconveyor.s3 Package


copy_dir(bucket_name, src_path, dest_path[, …]) Copy objects from one directory in a bucket to another directory in the same bucket.
create_dir_redirect_object(bucket_dir_path, …) Create an S3 object representing a directory that’s designed to redirect a browser (via Fastly) to the index.html contained inside that directory.
delete_dir(bucket_name, root_path[, …]) Delete all objects in the S3 bucket named bucket_name that are found in the root_path directory.
open_bucket(bucket_name[, …]) Open an S3 Bucket resource.
upload_dir(bucket_name, path_prefix, source_dir) Upload a directory of files to S3.
upload_file(local_path, bucket_path, bucket) Upload a file to the S3 bucket.
upload_object(bucket_path, bucket[, …]) Upload an arbitrary object to an S3 bucket.


ObjectManager(session, bucket_name, bucket_root) Manage objects existing in a bucket under a specific bucket_root.
S3Error Error related to AWS S3 usage.