ltdconveyor.s3.create_dir_redirect_object(bucket_dir_path, bucket, metadata=None, acl=None, cache_control=None)#

Create an S3 object representing a directory that’s designed to redirect a browser (via Fastly) to the index.html contained inside that directory.

  • bucket_dir_path (str) – Full name of the object in the S3, which is equivalent to a POSIX directory path, like dir1/dir2.

  • bucket (boto3 Bucket instance) – S3 bucket.

  • metadata (dict, optional) – Header metadata values. These keys will appear in headers as x-amz-meta-*.

  • acl (str, optional) – A pre-canned access control list. See Default is None, meaning that no ACL is applied to the object.

  • cache_control (str, optional) – The cache-control header value. For example, 'max-age=31536000'.

Return type: