ltdconveyor.s3.copy_dir(bucket_name, src_path, dest_path, aws_access_key_id=None, aws_secret_access_key=None, aws_profile=None, surrogate_key=None, cache_control=None, surrogate_control=None, create_directory_redirect_object=True)

Copy objects from one directory in a bucket to another directory in the same bucket.

Object metadata is preserved while copying, with the following exceptions:

  • If a new surrogate key is provided it will replace the original one.
  • If cache_control and surrogate_control values are provided they will replace the old one.
bucket_name : str

Name of an S3 bucket.

src_path : str

Source directory in the S3 bucket. The src_path should ideally end in a trailing '/'. E.g. 'dir/dir2/'.

dest_path : str

Destination directory in the S3 bucket. The dest_path should ideally end in a trailing '/'. E.g. 'dir/dir2/'. The destination path cannot contain the source path.

aws_access_key_id : str

The access key for your AWS account. Also set aws_secret_access_key.

aws_secret_access_key : str

The secret key for your AWS account.

aws_profile : str, optional

Name of AWS profile in ~/.aws/credentials. Use this instead of aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key for file-based credentials.

surrogate_key : str, optional

The surrogate key to insert in the header of all objects in the x-amz-meta-surrogate-key field. This key is used to purge builds from the Fastly CDN when Editions change. If None then no header will be set. If the object already has a x-amz-meta-surrogate-key header then it will be replaced.

cache_control : str, optional

This sets (and overrides) the Cache-Control header on the copied files. The Cache-Control header specifically dictates how content is cached by the browser (if surrogate_control is also set).

surrogate_control : str, optional

This sets (and overrides) the x-amz-meta-surrogate-control header on the copied files. The Surrogate-Control or x-amz-meta-surrogate-control header is used in priority by Fastly to givern it’s caching. This caching policy is not passed to the browser.

create_directory_redirect_object : bool, optional

Create a directory redirect object for the root directory. The directory redirect object is an empty S3 object named after the directory (without a trailing slash) that contains a x-amz-meta-dir-redirect=true HTTP header. LSST the Docs’ Fastly VCL is configured to redirect requests for a directory path to the directory’s index.html (known as courtesy redirects).


Thrown by any unexpected faults from the S3 API.


Thrown when the source and destination directories are the same.